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Best Dietician Mohali
Best Dietician Mohali

It is often said that the greatest love on earth, is the love for food. It can be termed as the sot sincere and indestructible love affair. And one of the toughest jobs on earth is getting obese and overweight, get rid of this love. The responsibility of this job is solely on the dieticians present on earth. A dietician holds a position of great responsibility in modern society. 

What is a dietician?
A dietician is a certified and educated professional who designs and designates diets to people based on their needs or special requirements. You can find a dietician in a hospital, educational institution, food establishments, clinics and even some are engaged in their own private practices. 

A dietician has many responsibilities, and some of the key ones are:
In a hospital consulting with surgeons and doctors in making a nutritious and suitable diet for a patient.
Working out special needs and dietary requirements for people with special needs like diabetics, heart diseases, kidney diseases and alike.

Determining the nutrition value of food products being sold in any restaurant or food outlet and keep control over harmful products and other ingredients that are potentially harmful to human consumption.

Help people regain the desired weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle by observing and making necessary changes in their meals. 

Aids governments and universities of researches related to food and its effects on human health. 

Finding the best dietician
Losing weight and keeping it off, is one of the primary reasons why people look for the best dietician in Mohali, says renowned and acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat. The right dietician can help in identifying the right cause; identify your unique needs, help establish the right eating culture and make it possible to lose weight and restore god health with diet and weight loss programs. 

Before you go ahead and identify the best dietician in Mohali, get ready to ask and know the following:

Is he or she a certified dietician?
The moment we hear of a dietician, we assume that the person is highly qualified on the subject and has attained certification for the same. But, it is always not the truth. There are many who calls themselves certified as certifications can be made in our country in hours. 

Make sure that your dietician is certified from a government board and he or she should have a registered degree on the subject to practice. Ask your primary health service provider for references and check with people you know well and have taken such services in the past. 


What are their specialty and approach?

The main aim of knowing it is making sure that your dietician meets all your needs and caters to them successfully. If you are approaching someone for weight loss, the person should be knowledgeable on the subject and advise you properly with diets and ways to lose weight successfully and also in a healthy manner. 

Not all dieticians fit every requirement. If he or she is a therapeutic expert, his or her approach would be different from another expert and might not suit your needs and requirements. Your dietician should also not be a product promoter and push or recommends products to buy. 

What types of clients do he or she work with?

You would always need a person as your dietician who has the experience and expertise in working with clients the same as you. If weight loss is your aim, look for a dietician ho specialized in weight loss. If you have any specific medical needs like diabetes or thyroid, someone who deals with such cases will be apt. 

Do you actually need a dietician?
Weight loss is a simple equation – calorie in against calories out. But for many, it isn't that easy, as they might have underlying causes for their weight gain like thyroid, PCOD or digestive disorders. A dietician can help you lose weight in a scientific way through food and holistic approach without concerning about nutrition losses. If your need is simple weight loss with food and physical activity, you can approach a dietician but if you have a specific need, it is a dietician who only can help. 

Another factor that plays a key role is self-discipline. A dietician can give you the required information and make things rolling for you, but what matters the most is discipline. It is you, who needs to follow the guidelines set for you.

Every individual has a unique and specific requirement to suit their body type and lifestyle. The best dietician in Mohali will identify this uniqueness and advise you in the right way to approach your efforts and achieve results.