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Best Dieticians and Nutritionists in Nagpur
Best Dieticians and Nutritionists in Nagpur

Best Dieticians and Nutritionists in Nagpur both complement each other in their respective fields. They are often seen in hotels, star restaurants, food companies, hospitals, labs, canteens, and recreational centers and alike. The difference between the two titles could be rather superficial as both tend to sound alike, yet both have omnipresent concerns. But if we look at their working aspects, there are significant differences between the two.

The roles played by the best dieticians and nutritionists in Nagpur and their approach to clinical issues are what sets them apart; although both deal with solving clinical and health problems and fulfilling the nutritional needs of a person.

A dietician mainly concentrates on our eating habits by devising plans and programs that can be integrated with the nutritional need of foods as a part of our daily dietary intake. They help us to gain the necessary nutrition when we have any health issues with a focus to better our conditions. They have a specific knowledge set and have been trained to improve and adjust our nutritional intake.

A nutritionist, on the other hand, can also perform the same role as a dietician but their main focus is on healing, rather than advising to adapt good dietary habits for a healthier lifestyle. To be more specific, any certified nutritionist should possess the knowledge of vitamins, minerals, and many other components present in foods and the changes that these components undergo when they combine with other foods and substances while cooking and processing.


The best dieticians and nutritionists have an ongoing campaign debate, but at Diet Clinic, mentor and curator, Sheela Seharawat, who herself is an acclaimed dietician and Women’s Health Specialist believes when the knowledge and capabilities of the two are combined, it can do miracles in the health and life of people. It is why you will find the best dieticians and nutritionists in Nagpur under one roof at Diet Clinic along with expert health advisors, therapists, and support staff. Good knowledge of the services and method of approach is what matters at the end.

With a leading team of professionals and the best dieticians and nutritionists in Nagpur, Diet Clinic always aims in making you comfortable with proper support and engagement. The programs at Diet Clinic looks at your body whole and individual with separate and unique needs as we believe that every individual is not created the same. It is our clients and people that make us successful.


Our unique weight loss programs and packages are designed by the top dietitian to sustain weight loss treatments and assist patients in accomplishing and maintaining their weight loss goals. When it comes to achieving unbeaten weight loss over a long period, it involves the need for a more individualized and precise approach is being provided by an expert dietitian. All of this is to say that we can provide you with better value for your money for your health, fitness, and well-being.

‘Pain is all about weaknesses leaving the body. Strive harder for it”.