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best dietitian In Delhi for weight gain
Best dietitian In Delhi for weight gain

Whether you want to gain weight or else lose weight, the Founder of Diet Clinic suggests you add bananas in your daily diet. Bananas are high in good carbohydrates and help you gain weight when consumed in specific ways. The best way to have Banana to gain weight is to use them in a milkshake.

Dt Sheela Seharawat confirms that bananas prove to be a great snack and can also result in Weight gain too because:

  • Bananas are very nutritious and are also filling in comparison to other snack items. It contains calories, and calories add up.
  • Bananas contain an ample amount of calories and eating one banana is a healthy snack; instead, you can also eat three large bananas too. Eating more bananas can lead to weight gain as it offers many calories about 350 calories. 
  • Banana smoothies, as well as shakes, can assist you in gaining weight effectively without consuming unhealthy and empty calories. Dietician Sheela Seharawat confirms that the nutritional value of these recipes is high and the weight gain happens in a healthy manner. 

Bananas are termed as the superfoods which offer many other benefits beyond weight gain. Daily consumption of bananas can result in improves sugar levels as well as lipid profiles. You can enjoy Banana with oatmeal, with yogurt and can also have it frozen too. If you want to gain weight, you can also consume banana chips as per diet clinic experts.  Simply adding bananas to what you are already eating ads calories that can lead to extra pounds in time and so result in weight gain.


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