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Best Dietitian in Gurgaon
Best Dietitian in Gurgaon

When you are stressed, you change your habits, and you may lose your appetite, increase cravings, and skip meals. Diet clinic experts confirm the change in weight due to hormonal changes that are triggered by stress. Cause of this weight gain is also a mix of hormonal as well as psychological factors, and thus stress management is a vital part of weight loss regime according to best dieticians in Gurgaon. Activities that people can include in their lifestyle to manage stress are yoga and meditation, as it will help them in weight loss too.

Tips for managing weight gain when stressed

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat give tips to minimize weight gain when you are stressed:

  • You should exercise well as it will help you to decrease stress by releasing chemicals that improve mood. 

  • It would help if you eat mindfully, and meditation can help you with it as in this way, you learn to slow down and to control your subjective feelings of hunger. 

  • You can manage your weight gain when stressed out by going to yoga, or by getting a massage.

  • You should get adequate sleep to manage weight gain while you are stressed. It will help you out definitely.

  • Stress causes your body to burn less of the fat, so try to include some healthy fats in your meals to manage weight gain while stressed.

Diet clinic founder says that stress can impact you both physiologically as well as psychologically, and so your body needs sweets and junk food cravings. After you follow tips to manage weight gain while you are stressed can help you out. Consult the best dietitian in Gurgaon to get more tips to control weight gain due to stress.