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Best dietitian in India for weight loss
Best dietitian in India for weight loss

Diet Clinic experts confirm the link between sleep restriction and negative changes in metabolism. As per researches staying up late, sleeping in every day and eating after 8:00 pm may be risk factors in weight gain. Undoubtedly, insufficient sleep promotes hunger and appetite, which can cause excessive food consumption and that, leads to weight gain. As per the Diet Clinic founder, people who do not get enough sleep have

  • Increased levels of a hunger hormone 

  • Decreased level of the fullness hormone

  • Consume more calories 

  • Do less physical activity

  • Snacks more

Dietician Sheela Seharawat says that little sleep also messes your fat cells, which could lead to weight gain as well as type 2 diabetes. Thus making sure you get enough sleep will help fight a genetic predisposition to gain weight. Sleep requirements vary from person to person; generally, most young adults need seven to nine hours a night; however, some people can make up with less, and some need more. As people age their requirements for sleep decreases as a proper sleep should be about seven to eight hours a night.

Poor sleep reduces your self-control along with decision-making abilities and, on the other hand, increases the brain's reaction to food. Poor sleep is connected to increased intake of high calories food, fats in addition to carbs. Diet clinic experts make people understand that lack of sleep reduces your exercise motivation, intensity as well as quantity. Getting more sleep may even help improve performance, thus Dt Sheela Seharawat advises people to take proper sleep to lose weight. Proper sleep is as important as diet control and regular exercise. 

Keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, is the best and trendy way to lose weight. Keto diet is a limited carbohydrate diet that entirely focuses on fats. As per Dietician Sheela Seharawat in the keto diet plan, protein plays an essential role, and also any doctors recommend this diet to treat many health conditions too. It also helps to perk up the metabolism. Diet clinic experts say that keto diet helps to fast metabolism, and that promotes effective weight loss.

Keto diet meal plan: 
Keto diet meal plan recommends by the best dietitian in India for weight loss includes none or very little carbs in the meals. Foods high in carbs are restricted like bread, rice, pasta along with starchy veggies like red peppers, potatoes, etc. sweets are especially avoided during keto diet plan suggested by Dietician Sheela Seharawat, along with fruits that contain high fruit sugar in it. The leading food group that you should consume when you are on keto is fat, followed by vegetable or animal protein like tofu, fish, meat, and dairy. 

Benefits of keto or ketogenic diet: 
The best dietitian in India for weight loss advises people to lose weight by keto diet as it changes the way the body transforms food into energy. It has many benefits:

  • Diet Clinic confirms that you can lose weight effectively with a keto diet by using fat instead of carbs.
  • Keto Diet reduces inflammation effect ad also helps you from many health conditions.
  • Keto Diet increases energy helps the brain to generate more energy-producing hormones.