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Can you be in ketosis and still not lose weight?
Can you be in ketosis and still not lose weight

As the name suggests, a ketogenic diet is a diet that can induce ketosis in the body explains Dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic.

The ketogenic diet is a high-protein diet. It provides - in fact - very few carbohydrates, but it is rich in foods that contain proteins.

It is based on the mechanism of ketosis, from which the name derives. A low level of glucose is maintained - as for ketosis - for a prolonged time, preferring high-protein and fatty foods. This leads to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and significantly reduces carbohydrates. This control of sugars reduces fat and uses them instead for energy purposes.

Few carbs mean low blood insulin, which is why the ketogenic diet is recommended for people with type two diabetes. The body produces less insulin and to create energy, it will affect the fat deposits accumulated in the body.

You are not actually in ketosis though you are on a keto diet

The reason you may not be losing weight on a keto diet is since you are not actually in ketosis. This may be because there are carbs in your diet that you do not realize.

There are several ways to test ketones, although some are more accurate than others.

Urine test - These strips indicate the number of ketones through a color scale. Urine tests are convenient in the sense that they are inexpensive and are also easy to use.

However, expect imprecise results. The urine tests only check for residual ketones and not used in your body and then expelled. That's why the strips will give you a darker color and therefore, indicate more ketones when you will be new to this diet.

Breath testing - This test, in which you will have to blow into a special instrument, measures the levels of acetone in your breath. This is one of the three types of water-soluble ketone molecules; and in this type of test, the more you have, the more you are in ketosis.

These are more accurate than the urine strips in determining whether you are in ketosis or not.

Blood testing - These are perhaps the most accurate method for assessing the level of ketosis. It is very like the blood sugar strips that diabetics use. A small puncture causes a drop of blood to flow out, which is then placed on a strip.

The primary way to check for ketosis without any test is to find out if you can control your hunger. Since ketosis resorts to the breakdown of adipose tissue hunger do not cause as much problem as it used to.


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