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Diet Clinic Gurgaon
Diet Clinic Gurgaon

Eating healthy is the best way to fight fatigue as diet clinic experts say that you are what you eat . To be fit and healthy, you should follow a balanced diet plan having all vital nutrients in it. Following a correct and nutritious diet will offer you many health benefits counting battling fatigue. Causes of fatigue can be many like certain medical conditions, certain medications, and the aging process. If you experience fatigue, then the first thing you should consider is your diet pattern. Dietitian Sheela Seharawat makes people understand that your body needs the proper amount of nutrients to function best same as the car needs petrol to work. 

Tips to manage fatigue:

Fatigue can easily be managed by eating a well-balanced meal as well as snacks having enough calories and nutrients to keep your body in optimum health. Your food choices should be good and should offer nutrition at its best. Healthy eating is the key to stay healthy and to fight fatigue naturally nutrient-rich foods should be your choice. Diet clinic experts offer following tips to keep in mind to fight fatigue:

  • Include fresh fruits as well as vegetables in your diet

  • Keep in mind that veggies should not be overcooked as you will lose many vital nutrients.

  • Consume red meat and spinach which are a rich source of iron to fight fatigue

  • Consume fish, especially tuna and salmon, as both are a rich source of Omega 3 fats.

  • Include protein-rich foods like fish, lean meat and beans 

  • Nuts should be consumed to fight fatigue

  • Fatigue fighting diet should also include whole-grain pasta, bread, rice, and cereal for a complete, well-balanced diet.

The main cause of fatigue is poor diet habits, which should be changed to feel energized. Consult diet clinic Gurgaon to get a well-balanced diet plan.