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Diet Clinic Punjabi Bagh
Diet Clinic Punjabi Bagh

Healthy eating is different for everybody, especially when it is a matter of weight loss as some things work for some people, and for some, it will not work. Weight loss is a lot more than just counting calories, which people ignore. There are many mistakes that people tend to do, and that slows down there weight loss process. Dietician Sheela Seharawat listed the most common weight-loss mistakes while losing weight.

  • People should check food labels to know that they are good for them or not, and don’t forget to take a note of the serving size. 

  • Healthy weight loss takes time and is a slow process, and weight scales vary day by day. Thus, it would help if you weighed yourself often to keep yourself motivated, at least once every two weeks or once in a week.

  • People normally focus more on cardio instead of strengthening exercises. They should combine both for excellent results.

  • People skip meals, especially breakfast, to speed up weight loss, but it slows down metabolism and makes you overeat later, which reverse the weight loss process. You should consume a nutrient-rich breakfast to get enough energy.

  • Don’t stop eating processed or over-processed foods; instead, eat them in moderation after checking labels.

  • Keep a check on portion control as people tend to overeat healthy foods as in this way, you will gain weight. Calories are still calories, even if you consume healthy food items.

Diet clinic experts tell people to keep above-listed things in mind to attain your weight loss goals. These small mistakes can ruin and reverse your weight and can make it more difficult for you.