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Diet Clinic Rajasthan
Diet Clinic Rajasthan

Dietician Sheela Seharawat says it may take a little longer to lose fat especially from lower body areas and for that you may need to tweak your current exercise as well as diet program. To lose stubborn lower-body fat, you should eat less, and burn more calories. For lower body fat you can focus exercises with jumping jacks, burpees, stepper, maintain climbing sprints, planks, lunges, squats, and side planks as all these are excellent for toning your problem areas. The time you lose body fat, you'll be able to see changes in your buttocks and thighs.

Tips to lose lower body fat effectively 

Diet clinic experts suggested some tips reduce lower body fat effectively, below are some listed for you:

Dt. Sheela Seharawat advises to follow a diet having accurate calories that you need as consuming more can result in greater fat deposits, especially around the lower body part. 

The best dietician in Rajasthan says no to alcohol as it will not help you to reduce lower body fat. Excess alcohol intake makes the liver stop to metabolize fat, and that leads to more fat storage in the lower body.

Dietician Sheela recommends plant-based foods diet plan for those who want to shed extra lower body fat. People should focus on veggies, whole grains as well as plant protein counting seeds, soy products, beans, and nuts.
Diet clinic founder suggests people avoid Trans fat to reduce lower body fat as it makes you fatter than other foods. 


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