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Diet for Quick Weight Loss by an Expert Dietitian
Diet for Quick Weight Loss by an Expert Dietitian

Many people know very well that they need to lose weight, but they are not sure about how to fulfill their weight loss goals. A dietitian can work with you to determine and manage your issues, and there are many people that find this way helpful. Generally, people do not realize that what diet to follow for quick weight loss, what they should avoid, and what to eat more. There can be a chance that you are already eating the right foods, but still, you cannot lose weight as your portion sizes are too big. Best Dietitian in India can help you make lasting changes by giving you a customized diet as per your body requirements. 

Healthy diet plan for quick weight loss by the best dietician 

Weight loss and gain; revolve around caloric consumption and the expenditure. Diet clinic founder suggests about which foods to eat and to avoid for quick weight loss. She explains that following a healthy diet plan can promote weight loss, and you can lose weight easily, quickly and safely. No single food offers all the calories along with nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Thus, a healthy and balanced diet that includes macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein as well as fat. It should also comprise micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, is recommended by the best dietician. A Healthy Diet Plan for weight loss should be a perfect combination of the five major food groups – 

Fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruit and vegetables is essential both for good health and to help us lose weight, as most fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat. As per the best dietician in India, fruit and vegetables play an important part in weight loss. You should enjoy eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetable types daily. Specially choose a mixture of colors to ensure a good mix of nutrients.

Cereals and pulses

Eating pulses and cereals has been considered as a healthy option for losing weight and also prevent you from gaining it back after you lose it. The pulses, as well as cereals, are the best source of protein and fiber in the diet; thus, many dieticians add them to the weight loss diet.

Meat and dairy products

You should add meat and dairy in your diet as the main thing that is important for you to lose weight is to have good digestion and the portions that fulfill you. Just you have to choose carefully the meat you eat and dietician advises to opt for high-quality meat and if possible as unprocessed. Including dairy also promotes weight loss as research shows that those who have deficiencies in calcium hold a greater fat mass. Adding daily sources like yogurt, low-fat cheese and milk can accelerate weight loss. 


Fats are a vital nutrient for the body that provides energy, thus eliminating fats from the diet is not a good idea. There are many types of fats, saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and trans, some are good, and some are bad. Adding good fats in your diet in moderation will help you lose weight in no time. 


You should add healthy cooking oils in your healthy diet plan to reduce weight or else it will lead to obesity. Thus to avoid weight gain, you should use olive oil, sunflower oil, mustard and soyabean oil, etc., as they help to make you healthier and promote weight loss. 


Consult the diet clinic to get a healthy diet plan. Along with it, you should also allocate portion sizes, and to know the ideal time to eat is also important.