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Lose Weight Quickly
Diet Tips To Create A Calorie Deficit And Lose Weight Quickly

When you want to know how to lose weight fast without exercise, a low-calorie diet at 1,200-1,400 calories a day can be a good solution in opinion of Dietician Sheela Sherawat of Diet Clinic. On average, an active person needs 2,000-2,300 calories a day. By consuming only 1,200-1,400 calories, the body is forced to draw heavily on its reserves to compensate, resulting in quick weight loss.

Generally, this low-calorie diet can help you lose between 1-2 kilos per week when it is followed strictly and is the Best Way To Lose Weight. It usually lasts for four weeks, and it is not recommended to continue for long to avoid tiring the body.

How do I figure out my calorie deficit to lose weight?

If you look at the three macronutrients, which are lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates, they do not have the same number of calories per gram.

Here are the calories per macronutrient -

  • Proteins: 4 cal for 1 gram

  • Carbohydrates: 4 cal for 1 gram

  • Fat: 9 cal for 1 gram

During calorie deficit diet, it is necessary to limit as much as possible carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats) to encourage the body to draw on its fat reserves.

You can use your basic metabolism to calculate your daily caloric requirements. Basic metabolism refers to the calories your body burns at rest to ensure vital processes. For example, breathing, pulse, blood circulation and all the other processes that occur even when the body is at rest.

If you want to burn 1 kilo of body fat, you need to spend about 7,700 calories. If you consume 500 calories less each day than you spend, you will theoretically lose 1 kilogram every two weeks with Weight Loss Foods.

You must first know how many calories a day you spend before you can calculate how much time you will need to lose weight. It must also be said that calories are only part of the equation when it comes to losing weight.

Sample diet for a day would include -

  • Breakfast - A hot drink (tea or coffee without milk or sugar), accompanied by rusk biscuits.

  • Lunch - Chicken or fish with a boiled potato. Low-fat yogurt is allowed for dessert.

  • Dinner - A boiled egg with green vegetables as one pleases. Steam cooking veggies are the best way to consume them so that no nutrition is lost. You can eat seasonal fruits for dessert.

What to do to regain the calorie deficit

This diet allows you to lose several kilos quickly. Moreover, as long as you take care to diversify your menus, it does not present a significant risk of food deficiencies, because it does not exclude any family of foods. This diet also teaches you to eat healthier as it gives good eating habits that limit the risk of gaining weight when the diet stops. At least, if we do not give up entirely along the way, because there is one of the big drawbacks of the low-calorie diet - it is not easy to follow.

The low caloric intake can indeed lead to fatigue, a decline in morale and lack of motivation. This regime must really be respected scrupulously to function correctly. But it is not always easy to know the number of calories in every weight loss recipes. One solution is to follow pre-established menus by a nutritionist, but there are also apps and websites that help to calculate the number of calories of your meals. Weight Loss Clinic |  Diet Clinic | Diet Plan | Weight Loss Tips |  Diet Plan Noida | Diet