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How Do Crash Diet Works In Lose Weight?
How Do Crash Diet Works In Lose Weight

A crash diet is a collective name for different types of diets where you lose a lot of weight in a short time. You achieve this by eating very little. Most people only follow a crash diet for a short time to lose a few pounds for a special occasion. Crash diets are known as a quick emergency solution that you can lose weight quickly. However, as soon as you start regularly eating again, you will be back in no time. It is a very unhealthy method of dieting warns Dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic.

Crash diets have enjoyed unprecedented popularity for many years. Many people (mainly women) think they will benefit from following a crash diet. What they do not know is that a crash diet usually has no effect in the long term. In addition, a crash diet is undoubtedly unhealthy.

Crash diets help you lose weight quickly. Handy if you have a party to celebrate in the short term and want to fit into a dress. Or when you go on holiday and want to have a beach body.

Why does a crash diet work?

A significant advantage of the modern crash diet is that it works. You will actually lose weight quickly in a short period of time. This is of course very handy if you want to fit in a particular dress or pants again in a short period of time.

A crash diet is not a lifestyle - it is a temporary diet that will make you lose weight quickly explains the best dietitian in Gujarat. If you want to follow a crash diet for a more extended period of time, you will not get enough nutrients, which means that you can get deficiencies and your body can break down muscles instead of fat. You want to lose fat naturally and not muscle tissue.

A crash diet is a very specific and targeted form of weight loss that can work well for many people. You do need perseverance, but if you have this, you can reach your goal weight in a short period of time.

Breakdown of muscle mass

A crash diet helps you lose weight fast. You eat very little of your daily calorie requirement. So a lot is being cut in the number of calories which are made up of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You get so few calories that your body will affect fat reserves and muscle mass says Best Dietitian In India.

You read it right - a crash diet will primarily break down your muscle mass and then your fat (because muscles simply have more energy in them than fat). So your weight will fall with a crash diet, but not so much the fat.

Because muscles are bulky, you lose weight in no time. Most people think that with a crash diet, they can lose weight quickly and permanently. Appearances are deceptive because as soon as you return to your regular diet, all those lost pounds will be added again. Often people are even heavier after a crash diet than before the crash diet in the opinion of the best dietitian in Rajasthan.

If you have started a crash diet, after a while, your body will notice that it is not getting enough energy. The energy that is left is saved as much as possible. That is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to lose weight. Once your body is used to the new situation, you have a low metabolism and nutrients such as fat and proteins are used.

When you then pick up your old diet again, your body has to get used to it again. All nutrients that your body receives are stored as a reserve. Your metabolism is also not very active. This will get you back to your old weight immediately.

Besides, there are no medical reasons for a crash diet. In fact, all experts advise against losing weight with a crash diet. It is unhealthy for your body, and you only achieve results for a very short period of time.

The temporary effect of weight loss

Whoever is able to lose 10 kilos in 10 days is in the first place doing something very unhealthy. Even people who are very ill do not succeed in losing so much weight. In addition, the method of eating cannot be sustained. If you lose 10 kilos in 10 days, you can quickly gain 10 kilos (or even more) in 10 days.

That is what you always see with a crash diet. First, there is a very quick result, but after a while, the people who managed to lose weight with a crash diet are back. Even worse - sometimes they just get more massive.

That has to do with the fact that you can never function on 500 or 1000 calories per day, such as a crash diet. As soon as you get rid of that idea, you will simply grow obese again. You eat your usual amount of calories again, and you get your old weight back.

So it is a lot wiser to choose a responsible way of losing weight. There are plenty of diets to be found that will gradually help you start eating differently. This makes losing weight slowly, but the effect is nevertheless permanent.

In a short period, you can indeed lose weight quickly with a crash diet. The pace at which you lose weight, however, decreases the longer you are dieting. However, losing weight fast is the only advantage of a crash diet. All crash diets are an attack on your body: you get far too few calories, you miss essential nutrients, and you confuse your metabolism. Crash dieting is, therefore, very unhealthy. Moreover, the result is only of short duration, because as soon as you return to your regular eating habits, the pounds are added immediately. Finally, you hardly lose any fat with it, but especially muscles and fluid.

A crash diet is an unhealthy solution for the short term. If you really want a lasting result, then you will have to choose a different diet. The most effective course is, of course, to teach yourself different life habits. With healthy eating and a lot of exercises, you ultimately achieve much more than with a crash diet.

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