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How to Pick the Best Diet Plan for You
How to Pick the Best Diet Plan for You

You may have heard the saying you become what you eat, and in a sense it's true. A question often heard is Which Diet Program Is Best for Your Overall Health? A healthy, balanced diet helps to provide your body with the energy and nutrients it needs to function optimally. It is the best diet plan to consume because it will help stabilize your bodyweight and give you access to all the food groups in the required quantities. Is the Diet Approach Safe for You to Follow? Surely it is because it builds the basic framework of your metabolic health says the Best Dietitian In India.

In order to be the best diet a balanced diet has to include the following.

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A lot of fruits and vegetables

The WHO recommends eating 650 grams of fruit and vegetables per day - which is easier than you would think. Both fresh food and canned fruits and vegetables in dried or frozen form support a healthy, balanced diet for weight Loss at Home. You can easily take them as part of stir-fries, soups, casseroles or for breakfast, as a snack or dessert.

You should note that potatoes are an exception to this 650-gram rule as they fall under the starchy foods in opinion of Dietician Sheela Seharawat founder of Diet Clinic.

Starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice, grains, and potatoes

A healthy, balanced diet should contain about one-third of starchy food for optimum Weight Loss. It provides energy and essential nutrients and can also be a necessary source of fiber. This is especially true for wholegrain products and potatoes.

Research has shown a daily fiber intake of at least 30 g per day is required. Different foods have different amounts of fiber. 250 grams of wholegrain bread is equivalent to about 20 grams of fiber, 200 grams of potatoes about 3.5 grams of fiber, while 100 grams of cucumber only 0.9 grams of fiber.

Dairy-free protein such as fish, legumes, nuts, eggs, and meat

Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. When it comes to keeping a recommended level of cholesterol, it is important to distinguish between the different types of fat that are contained in protein. Nuts and fatty fish contain a lot of unsaturated fat, which can help lower cholesterol when used as part of a balanced diet to replace saturated fat.

Foods that are in this category may also contain a lot of fiber: legumes (such as beans, lentils, and peas) and nuts are ideal for increasing the fiber content in your diet.

Milk and other dairy products

Milk and other dairy products such as cheese, cream, and butter also contain a lot of protein and minerals like calcium, but often also contain many saturated fats - especially whole milk products. The Best Diet Plan for Women therefore, include low-fat dairy products or dairy products with a reduced level of saturated fat, such as skimmed milk.

Fat and sugar

Fats which can be consumed in the form of oils, butter or layers of fat on meat, as well as sugar should only make up a small part of your diet. Fats supply us with energy and critical fatty acids that the body needs but can't produce itself.

Sugar is also an energy source, but foods that contain high levels of sugar usually contain few other nutrients - which is why it is crucial to limit the intake of sugars to the 25 grams per day in quick weight loss diet plan.


Antibiotics are found in meat, poultry, and milk, heavy metals in fish and dioxin in eggs. Unfortunately, these foods regularly come under criticism because of their undesirable accompanying substances. Besides, animal protein over acidifies the body. By no means should meat and meat-based products be avoided but overconsumption may lead to various digestive problems.


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