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Sheela Seharawat Dietitian
Sheela Seharawat Dietitian

Although weight loss goals can be attained by exercise as it boosts your metabolism, checking your dietary habits is also what you should consider. Dietitian Sheela Seharawat says that water is an easy way to sustain your weight loss as it is a potential weight loss aid. Following hot water, routine can increases the weight loss speed as it helps you to feel fuller for the long term. Water is an appetite suppressant, thus drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller, and hence reduce the amount of food you eat. Diet Clinic experts say that initially, when you start drinking hot water, your mouth will dry up, and you may also feel irritable. When being consistent for a long time, your taste buds, as well as throat, get accustomed. Experts suggest people who want to lose weight; they should drink 

  • One glass of hot water in the morning 

  • One glass of warm water before a meal 

Drinking Hot water on a regular basis breaks down the fat molecules in the body leading to weight loss and also treat dry skin and cures constipation too. Just be ensuring that the temperature of the water does not exceed much as it can burn your mouth. It should also be not too less as it will not help you to lose weight. The most important tip suggested by dietitian Sheela Seharawat is that when you follow Hot Water routine for Weight Loss, then you should avoid having junk along with fattening foods & drinks as it will wipe out the effect of the hot water. People should also Avoid sugars, too many carbs and calories to be successful in your weight loss goals. 


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