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The Sirtfood Diet Important Tips For Good Start
The Sirtfood Diet Important Tips For Good Start

Lose weight quickly and without too much effort. This, in a few words, is the goal of the Sirtfood diet, also called lean-gene diet, which is becoming popular on social media and even among celebs such as singer Adele and Pippa Middleton.

What is Sirt diet?

This diet is based on the activation of a particular category of proteins, sirtuins, which in turn can accelerate our metabolism. Two nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten are credited with being its inventor.

The difference from most weight-loss diets is, in a sense, Sirt diet works in the opposite way - instead of excluding foods that are fattening from the menu, it includes the foods that make you lose weight according to the best dietitian for weight gain.

In fact, the nutrients contained in some foods - the famous "Sirt foods" discovered in 2003 - would have the ability to activate sirtuins, a family of "super metabolic regulators" able to moderate appetite and naturally stimulate metabolism. As a result, you are less hungry, you burn more amount of fat, and you lose weight faster, all without losing lean mass explains Dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic.

What are the Sirt foods? In general, they are green, tasty, and easy to find at the supermarket. Strawberries, blueberries, citrus fruits, walnuts, cabbage, radish, red onion, chili pepper, turmeric, green tea and also buckwheat, extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate, coffee, and red wine. If desired, you can also eat meat and fish, so the menu is quite varied says Best Dietitian In India.

As for quantity and frequency, Sirt doesn't care too much. It is true that there are caloric indications, but the inventors invite you to eat until you are satisfied. Obviously, this should be without bingeing.

Phases of the diet

The "red wine and chocolate diet," as the Sirtfood has been dubbed, involves two different phases - the first is weight loss and the second is maintenance. Best dietitian in India for weight loss will discuss it in detail.

According to the inventors, these two slimming phases can be repeated only from time to time, if and when we start to put on weight. The rest of the time, we can continue to follow our diet - be it omnivorous or vegan - by integrating the Sirt foods we like the most into the menu.

  1. Weight Loss

The first phase lasts a week and is the hardest because you can take a few calories, and the nutrition is less varied. The first three days must be limited to 1000 kcal, divided between 3 green juices (vegetable juices) + a solid Sirt meal. From the 4th to the 7th day it goes to 1500 kcal, with two green juices + two solid Sirt meals a day. For the time being, wine and carbonated beverages are not permitted.


At this stage you should lose about 3 kg in a very short time, so much, so it is called the supersonic phase.

  1. Maintenance

The second phase lasts 2 weeks and serves to consolidate weight loss. At this point, there are three solid meals a day based on Sirt foods + a green maintenance juice. Do not exceed 2000 calories, but you are allowed vegetables at will and a glass of red wine with meals 2 or 3 times a week.

The Green Juice Recipe

At the base of the Sirt diet, there is the famous green juice: a natural drink, to drink several times a day, which is used to purify and satiate. It is nothing but a concentrate of Sirt foods, which in liquid form, are better absorbed.

The rules to follow are these -

  • distribute the juices throughout the day, without drinking them all together

  • consume them at least an hour before or 2 hours after a substantial meal

  • dine no later than seven in the evening


But how is green juice prepared?

Here are the ingredients for a portion -

  • 75 g of kale

  • 30 g of rocket (arugula)

  • 5 g of parsley

  • 150 g of green celery

  • half a green apple

  • 1/2 lemon juice

  • 1/2 teaspoon of matcha tea


  • mix vegetables and blend

  • blend the apple and celery

  • squeeze the lemon into the juice you got

  • put some juice in a glass and add the matcha (this ingredient should be added only in the first two juices of the day because it contains caffeine)

  • stir vigorously until the matcha melts

  • add the rest of the juice and mix everything


The most common Sirt foods

Cocoa - Chocolate, yes, but not all types. It must be dark and have at least 85% cocoa. It is especially useful to appease hunger during the cravings.

Matcha Green Tea - This type of tea, a vital ingredient of the famous green juices, contains the EGCG sirtuin activator.

Coffee - According to the creators of the diet, in fact, coffee would protect the liver and defend the body against diabetes, certain cancers, and neurodegenerative diseases. Drink black, without milk, and don't suddenly change your usual coffee consumption, so as to avoid possible negative symptoms related to abstinence or excess caffeine.

Extra virgin olive oil - Good and healthy, the extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the first pressing of the olives, is a perfect seasoning, delicious both on vegetables and on bread.

Parsley - It is an essential ingredient to enrich practically any course and a lot of sauces. It tastes fresh and is used to relieve itching and toothache.

The Sirt diet appreciates it mainly because it is one of the foods with the highest concentration of apigenin, an activator of sirtuins.

Soy - In addition to its beneficial properties, associated with the activating action of daidzein and formononetin a, soy has an unmistakable taste that makes each dish tasty.

Soy sauce, soy yogurt, and miso, a traditional Japanese dish based on soy fermented with salt are part of the Sirt foods.

Strawberries - They have little sugar, they are delicious, and they also help lose weight, because they are the primary source of fisetin, a sirtuin activator.

Walnuts - They are rich in fats and very caloric, yet, according to Sirt diet, this food would actually promote weight loss by also fighting metabolic diseases. In addition, nuts contain a lot of minerals useful to the body, such as magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, and iron.