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The 21 Days Women Fitness challenge
The 21 Days Women Fitness challenge

Compared to general weight loss and fitness programs, women only fitness programs are especially designed with women specific body needs and features in mind. As women are more specific to put on fat and body weight, they require more specific dietary guidelines and techniques to maintain a healthy and attractive figure.

Keeping all these aspects in mind and with consultation with the best dietician in India for weight loss, Sheela Seharawat, Diet Clinic brings to you the 21 Days Women Fitness Challenge to you. Women in general are quite realistic but at the same time also want to look attractive regardless of the situation in life they are in. Looking good and fit is important to their existence.

Saying so, for women it is important to understand and know that key to any fitness program and challenge is motivation and knowledge. You as a women should know that a large number of ways and steps are not important to achieve success in any weight loss or fitness challenge, but, juts one is good enough to give you the results.

What makes this fitness challenge unique?

Women have a greater craving for carbohydrates as compared to men, who have it for proteins. It is to be noted that it is these carbs that are concerted in the body into glucose and stored as fat, causing fat and weight gain.

On the other hand women, while exercising believe that cardiovascular exercises are for them and they don’t have to do any weight training. The combination of both is actually the best way ahead in developing lean muscles and losing body fat.

At Diet Clinic, we believe that every person, regardless of their sex, age and health conditions have the rights and power to transform their lives. It is just that they do not have the resources to do so. We through this challenge is trying to create a unique and concrete ways to promote a healthy lifestyle through proper, healthy and balanced diet and some physical activities to be successful in achieving topmost fitness and health levels.

This 21 days fitness challenge have been created to clear all your queries and doubts about weight loss and good health like “what to eat”, “how much to eat”, “when to eat” and many others. The challenge is based on nutritional and lifestyle tips along with a healthy diet plan to achieve fat burning challenges.

What is this 21 days fitness challenge for women?

It is not any other ordinary dietary program that promises to make you lose weight. The 21 Days Women Fitness Challenge I a scientifically backed and well curated program that resets your body to a healthier eating pattern without the fear of being forced to be the one like – ‘I am on a diet’.

It is not the case with the 21 Days Women Fitness Challenge. You take up this challenge and put your body through a pattern in which you lose fat and weight, and become healthier and fit. You actually teach your own body to desire what is best for it. You get the opportunity to create and maintain healthy lifestyle that will be a part of the rest of your life and will never interfere with your personal and social life.

And, the best part – it just takes three week / 21 Days. The program has been designed and developed by expert and acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic with consultation with some of the best dietician in India.

Before you take up the challenge, you should understand your own eating routine by tracking everything you eat and drink for a week. We recommend to get enrolled and see for yourself the changes it brings to you. Follow the instructions as stated for the best results.

With the many fitness programs for women out there in the market, it might be another challenge to find one that is effective, safe and inexpensive. Whichever way, the key is to find a program which can produce results for you and with which you feel you can stick to and benefit in the long run.

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