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Weight Loss Diet Clinic Bangalore
Weight Loss Diet Clinic Bangalore

Are you ready to face a weight loss challenge with us in Bangalore?


These days women stubbornly "test" on themselves various diet "miracle" that tempts the rapid release of excess kilograms. The first effects are noticeable after a few weeks or even days, but immediately after that, the old weight returns, often with an excess.  The answer to the bothering question "why are you fat?" is, most often unaware, undiagnosed food intolerance. According to Sheela Seharawat, the best dietitian in Bangalore , the main culprit of weight gain is a food intolerance, often without any symptoms for a long time. For this reason, it is also sometimes called hidden food intolerance.

"This name comes from the fact that the reaction after eating a given food is not immediate. And sometimes this reaction is not noticeable! Lymphocytes that should deal with the destruction of bacteria, viruses, cancer cells - because that's their task - usually attack a molecule of undigested food not accepted by our genes at that time.”- Seela Sehrawat.

Why it is Important to Maintain a Healthy Diet Plan?


The specific distraction of lymphocytes from their primary task, in consequence, leads to numerous disorders at the cellular level (cells become full of toxins over time), and the most frequently injured are the metabolic and immune systems.

"Patients often do not realize that their body is experiencing chronic inflammation caused by eating foods that do not match their own genotype. This condition is often the main cause of permanent weight problems. Whatever we do, however, we try to lose weight - alone we can not cope with the problem, because the "poisoned" and demanding specific food organism has its own rules, just wants to dictate us its conditions "- explains Sheela Serhwat.

These individual conditions must be known. Proper diagnostics are necessary here. The key to the problem is an individualized approach to each patient, i.e. an Individual Metabolic Code. Its definition allows you to first determine the individual food immune profile and then exclude foods that harm us, disrupting our metabolism.

How to Detect Food Intolerance and Design a Healthy Diet Plan?


Based on blood tests obtained, thanks to a special test, our best dietitian in Delhi composes an individual elimination-rotational diet (so-called Metabolic Diet). Some products are eliminated temporarily, others with extremely intolerance, unfortunately forever.

This is a completely different view of the so-called slimming. The genotypic diet is not about starving yourself or about significantly reducing your daily calorie intake, but about what we eat does not sustain mild, though chronic, inflammation.

Modern physiotherapy treatments are also are part of the therapeutic process. These aim to support the body in improving the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, cell nutrition, as well as purifying and removing metabolism products - thorough detoxification of the body.

So, if you are thinking of eliminating some extra pounds from your body, reach us today and take consultation from Sheela Sehrawat ! We would love to help you with the same!


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