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Weight Loss Diet Clinic Ludhiana
Weight Loss Diet Clinic Ludhiana

Most people put on weight as they eat and drink more calories than they burn. But in several cases, weight gain in people may be due to an underlying health condition. In case you experience prolonged or significant weight gain, it’s worth talking to the weight loss diet clinic in Punjab to see if you might have specific health conditions .below are some health conditions listed that affects weight gain and weight loss. 


It is a condition in which your thyroid gland does not make enough vital hormones, which leads to reduced metabolism and weight gain. It also leads to joint muscle pain, fatigue, depression.


It is another health condition in which women suffer from the hormonal imbalance that leads to issues including an irregular period, hair growth on body parts like the face, acne, infertility, as well as weight gain.


Dt Sheela Seharawat confirms that weight gain is common for people with diabetes and who take insulin you manage it. Many people with longstanding diabetes tend to eat more than they require preventing low blood sugar, which leads to excessive calorie intake and overall weight gain.


These are used to treat many health conditions such as arthritis and asthma, and its long term use leads to weight gain. The higher is its dose, the more you will put on weight, and it is because steroids make you feel hungry. 


Stress is another cause of weight gain or, in some cases, weight loss. Weight gain due to depression makes you more depressed, and that leads to further weight gain. If you are an emotional eater, the diet clinic suggests you maintain weight by any distractions like walking, going to the gym, or having a soothing bath. 

Weight Loss Diet Clinic Ludhiana

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