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Weight Loss Diet Clinic Noida
Weight Loss Diet Clinic Noida

Diet clinic experts confirm that cutting on carbs intake can give many significant health benefits and promote weight loss. When trying to limit carbs consumption so severely, Dietician Sheela Seharawat helps you to know how you can reduce your carb intake.

Ways to reduce your carb intake suggested by Dietician Sheela Seharawat. 

  • Eliminating sugar-sweetened drinks is the first thing you should do to lose weight as they are high in carbs, and avoiding them will help you out. 
  • Avoid eating bread to cut on your carbs intake, especially white bread, as it is made of refined grains that are not good for health.
  • Avoid fruit juice to control carb intake as it is full of sugar and lacks fiber. Instead of this, you can try flavoring your water.
  • Opt for low carb snacks and avoid eating chips, crackers, etc. protein-rich low carb snacks are best to eat between meals.
  • Eating eggs or else other low carb foods in breakfast can help you to lose weight. Eggs are considered the best breakfast you should eat to attain your weight loss goals. 
  • Avoiding sugar is a must; instead, you can switch to honey to get the best results.
  • Eat low carb veggies instead of potatoes you should eat to cut extra pounds. 

Dietician Sheela Seharawat suggests people follow a low carb lifestyle to deal with extra body weight. Not only can a limited carb intake help people for weight loss, but it is the best technique to manage some health conditions. 

Know The Best Weight Loss Diet Clinic Noida

Weight loss has been a severe concern in almost all human beings in the recent past. They want to lose weight and look beautiful. Therefore, clinics have mushroomed all across the country. We have a weight loss diet clinic Noida that has achieved fame and the dietician Sheela Seharwat has been recognized as the best dietician in Noida. If you are looking for losing weight loss programs, go through the following.

Tip To Lose Weight Quickly

To lose weight, you need to keep in mind a few of the very essential points:

  • Firstly, it is fundamental to eliminate the nourishments containing sugars and starches. Sugars are a big no-no when you think of losing weight.

  • Secondly, you need to eat bunches of proteins like meat, fish, eggs, plates of fish, salmon, and so forth., fats and green vegetables, vegetables, and soya items as well.

  • Along with the food diet, you have to choose to go for the morning walk and also two hours of exercise day by day.

Get the little eating routine tips for looking staggering this mid-year from the most elite dietician

  • Eat sound nourishment and look thin, look youthful!

  • You need to add beans, green and verdant vegetables, sprouts, red and orange natural products, and others to your meals every day to lose weight.

  • Also, you need to consume a good amount of fleshy natural products every day on your plate of meals.

  • Healthy beats, entire grains, and oats. Oats are considered as the main food product to lose weight.

  • You should have dairy items free from fats, similar to drain, and so on and attempt to have a spoonful of yogurt every day. Yogurt helps to digest the food consumed.

  • Protein-rich nourishments like meat, fish, and soya beans, eggs, plates of fish, nuts, and so on.

  • However, the daily consumption of green tea with nectar and lemon will also help to lose weight.

Physical action and online eating routine arrangement can make changes to your body highlights attempt them:

  • Physical exercise whenever you feel like but should be practiced every day.

  • Minimum time of two hrs and 30 minutes ought to be given to practice every day

  • Spread your exercise routine consistently

  • Try to take a morning walk every day. Morning walk aids your body to stay fit without gaining fat.


Dietician Sheela Seharawat also suggests people eat slowly as eating fastly makes them weigh more in comparison to those who don’t. Many studies also confirm that people who eat fastly tend to be heavier and gain more weight over time, compared with people who eat slowly.

Benefits of eating slowly 

Diet clinic experts explain the benefits of slow eating and how it affects the weight to lose:

  • Eating slowly helps you eat less as the brain needs about 20 minutes to understand that you have eaten and feeling full. Thus eating slowly gives the brain that time to realize. 

  • Eating slowly increases the fullness hormones, and the brain gets time to receive fullness signals. It decreases the amount of food you eat, and that leads to weight loss.

  • Eating slowly also tends to eat fewer calories, and people felt fuller for longer after eating slow pace meal. It has a spontaneous reaction, and that leads to weight loss.

  • People should chew food properly as it is the best way to eat slowly. People who chew less tend to gain weight in comparison to those who don’t. There may be a limit to how much chewing you can do and still enjoy a meal as diet clinic experts suggest chewing each bite for 30 seconds reduced snacking.

  • Weight loss diet clinic in Noida suggests people avoid electronic devices, like television and smartphones, while eating, as it will help you to eat slowly. 

 Keep in mind that eating quickly leads to weight gain and slowing down to promote weight loss. 


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