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What is the best diet for diabetics

What is the best diet for diabetics

Elevated blood sugar causes diabetes. The latter can be classified into two distinct groups: Type 1 diabetes due to the fact that the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin, and type 2 diabetes due to the lack of efficacy of secreted insulin. Type 2 diabetes is prevalent in overweight people says Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic. It therefore can be prevented by a Healthy Diet Plan.

Of course, you will not be surprised to learn that losing a few pounds can lower your blood sugar level. Avoiding sugary foods, practicing a daily sports activity or reducing alcohol consumption are not the first steps to take when starting an anti-diabetes diet. Diet is a significant concern for people with diabetes because it is an integral part of diabetes care.

What is the best diet for a diabetic to go on?

Nutrients contained in food are necessary for the proper functioning of the body: lipids (fats), proteins (proteins) and carbohydrates (sugars), are the basis. You should know that there are several types of carbohydrates, the simple, such as sugar or sweet products, and complex, such as starchy foods (lentils or white beans).

Simple carbohydrates pass quickly through the blood, while complex carbohydrates pass slowly and have a low glycemic index, as they cause low blood sugar according to Best Dietitian In Delhi.

There are also different lipids, so-called "unsaturated" fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. The former are often of plant origin or present in fish such as herring or sardines, while the latter is mainly of animal origins, such as butter, cheese, meat or eggs. Many "unsaturated" fatty acids contain omega-3s that protect against cardiovascular diseases, while saturates are often rich in "bad cholesterol," and therefore harmful for the arteries if consumed too much and for many years.

No food is strictly prohibited, but some sweet products are limited because of their hyperglycemic effect.

What there is to know -

  1. The Best Diet Plan must be varied, balanced and regular,

  2. The menus must be composed of foods from each group,

  3. Vegetables should be a priority in your meals.

How do you bring blood sugar down quickly?

When you are diabetic, it is essential to have a diet that reduces blood sugar quickly. A diabetic diet, the main recommendations -

  • 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

  • 3 dairy products daily

  • Meat or fish and eggs 1-2 times daily

  • Limit the quantity of fat

  • Consume carbohydrates but select them carefully

  • When you are diabetic, no food needs to be banned from the diet. Follow the recommendations for a varied diet by eating everything in reasonable quantities.

  • Foods with a diverse nutritional profile, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, however, should be favored to optimize your Weight Loss Diet.

Precaution while following diet

  1. Limit sweeteners

They do an excellent service to diabetics, but recent studies show that a significant consumption, especially via sweeteners (every day) and soft drinks, increases rather than reduces the risk of diabetes, and can even make it worse. Stevia seems to be the safest sweetener so far.

  1. Alcohol: the less you drink, the better

There is no formal prohibition, but the less we drink, the better, we need to control its weight in case of Type 2 diabetes (alcohol is sweet, so caloric), or that you have Type 1 diabetes because alcohol can cause hypoglycemia

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