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What is the best diet for weight gain?
What is the best diet for weight gain

As is losing weight, gaining weight also could be equally hard. The best way to gain weight is the one that is effective and provides positive results. And, this can be done by using one or combining several methods.

There are factors associated with every person who wants to gain weight and the first step towards it is to determine the factor/s and work on it or them accordingly. It is also very important to get the right program that one could follow and gain weight successfully and in a healthy manner.

As per expert dietician and mentor of Diet Clinic, Sheela Seharawat, weight gain is not a mere outcome of some accident. You need to practice caution long with some bold and determined steps to gain weight. It is important that all the things like your diet plan, exercise routine and even your lifestyle has to be planned well in advance and checked for thorough proof. The right time, discipline and the right perspectives is what is required to succeed and succeed is a healthy and positive way.

Sheela Seharawat shares here some valuable weight gain tips, along with ways to gain weight through a healthy diet:

Be realistic and do not overdo it:

When you want to gain some weight, bulking up is the best solution. It is so, because without bulking up, you won’t progress anywhere. But, at the same time, the focus should be on gaining muscles and minimum fats. The ratio should not be more than 4 to 7% of the total bulk gain.

At the same time be optimistic but be also realistic with your desired targets. Don’t aim too high as it will end you up gaining weight along with unhealthy fats and habits?

Focus on your nutrition and include these foods as a part of the best weight gain diet plan

Although you need to concentrate on certain aspects of exercises like weight training, diet is also very important. No matter how you train, food plays an all important role in providing you with the desired muscle gain.

Get hand’s o with these foods:

  • Milk: A balanced food with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Provides calcium and other vitamins and minerals. It is a great way to add proteins in the diet for muscle gain.

  • Red Meats: It contains Lucien, an amino acid responsible to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

  • Starches and Potatoes: Healthy starches like oats, corns and quinoa and potatoes are good sources of nutrients and fibers and also promotes calorie intake for muscle mass.

  • Dry Fruits: Packed with calories, antioxidants and healthy fibers. One of the most preferred way to add tons of nutrients and calories to the body.

  • Rice: Rich in carbohydrates are very easy for the body to digest.

  • Whole Eggs: Eggs are one of the best and the most preferred food for building lean muscles. You should and can add some to your daily diet. They are a powerhouse of nutrients.

  • Healthy Oils and Fats: Replace all processed and trans fats that you have been consuming for weight gain. Healthy oils and fats are found in olive oils, coconut oils and alike.

The success of weight gain lies in the fact that you need constant supply of calories as mentions a Diet Center in Faridabad. Calories are used to build muscle mass, rather than just fats. Include the above mentioned foods in your daily diet and get the desired results.