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What should you never do to lose weight?
What should you never do to lose weight

For Fast Weight Loss, it is not necessary to take risks. One should approach it carefully and with much thought. Do not indulge in dangerous behavior to lose weight, as discussed below.

Do not consume diet pills:

Nowadays, to get the perfect shape, you are ready for anything: extreme diets, grueling sessions in the gym, plastic surgery. The use of slimming pills is becoming increasingly widespread. This trend, however, is rather dangerous, so much so that in some cases it has even caused the death of those who used them.

The pills contained within them DNP, a very dangerous chemical and toxic to the human body, which caused the deterioration of its internal organs. The slimming pills in fact, often have adverse effects on our body: the "anti-appetite" type, i.e., those that contain chemical compounds able to appease the sense of hunger can cause changes and changes in mood, but also nervousness and irritability. The risk is also that of triggering a yo-yo effect: the weight loss that can occur with the pills is interrupted together with the interruption of the pill itself and is further increased in weight, in most cases by buying more pounds than you actually weighed before starting the treatment.

When you want to lose weight, then, it is essential to follow a healthy and balanced Diet Plan, also combining diet and sport and physical activity. With the spread of diet pills, however, we must pay special attention to the younger generations who are influenced by social networks and above all by the world of celebrities, who often sponsor alternative methods to lose weight that in most cases do not work, but which can prove to be dangerous to our health.

Never skip meals:

When a meal is missed, a physiological drop in blood sugar occurs, with two significant consequences: first, the brain is driven to desire food, with an irrepressible sense of hunger, and above all, what increases is the desire for carbohydrates to keep sugar at normal values. Therefore, after missing a meal, not only do you get hungrier for the next one, but you tend to stuff yourself with junk food.

The prolonged habit of skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, over time, causes you to lose lean mass, and increase fat mass, also creating a slowing of metabolism. The habit of skipping meals is, therefore, in many respects, an unhealthy choice. Instead, eating nutritious foods throughout the day, in smaller portions, stabilizes the levels avoiding the drop in blood sugar and leads to following a healthier diet that is conducive to weight loss.

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