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Why am I not losing weight after exercising
Why am I not losing weight after exercising

Sometimes, despite all efforts at the gym and running, the weight does not go down. This situation is very frustrating agrees Dietitian Sheela Seharawat, the mentor at Diet Clinic. But it is also quite common.

Your diet is unsuitable –

Choosing a diet that's right for you is a fundamental starting point to be able to lose weight.

Maybe the diet you started isn't for you? When it comes to nutrition, the choice is often arduous, and many times it happens to be attracted by a diet that is fashionable or is promoted by a celebrity. But it is wrong to believe that you can lose 10 pounds in a month: it is not possible to do it healthily, and besides, you run the risk of immediately resuming all the lost pounds.

A diet that works is first and foremost, a diet that matches your lifestyle, your dietary preferences, and your nutritional needs. You must, yes, decrease calories, but you must not deprive yourself of any nutrients because, in that case, the diet is unbalanced say experts at Weight Loss Clinic.

Eat enough to sustain your workouts:

Healthy nutrition that must include the right amount of -

  1. Carbohydrates, because they give the energy needed for everyday activities

  2. Proteins, because they serve to build and regenerate our cellular apparatus

  3. Fats, because they are essential for certain metabolic functions

Without it, the body will go into the starvation mode and save more calories by lowering your metabolic rate.

Keep yourself hydrated:

The amount of water to drink on a day depends on many factors.

These include age, work activity, physical activity, the presence or absence of diseases, the season (climate and humidity).

In any case, it is good to drink at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water a day to help drain toxins.

You may be losing weight but not know it

It is possible that you are transforming the fat mass into a lean mass which (at the same weight) makes your figure slimmer. In this case, you should have lost inches. Remember that weight loss is just one of the variables of proper dieting, along with other measures such as energy, and general well-being.

Your metabolism is too slow:

As the years go by, the metabolism becomes more gradual, but it can happen to anyone regardless of age.

Maybe in the past, you've tried so many nutritionally unbalanced diets, and now your body won't listen to you anymore.

To resume regular weight loss, follow a healthy diet, and do a lot of exercises.

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