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Why am I not losing weight on the Keto diet?
Why am I not losing weight on the Keto diet

It is hard to believe, but despite everything, you are not in ketosis and achieving Fast Weight Loss.

Ketosis can be challenging to achieve when starting for the first time. Many people think they are in ketosis after following keto for a week or two, but it may not be so according to experts at Diet Clinic.

Remember that having ketones in the blood does not mean being in nutritional ketosis.

  1. For the keto to work, the insulin must be lowered. Such as by reducing the number of carbohydrates and decreasing the number of daily meals to a maximum of 3 per day. In this case, it might be useful to practice intermittent fasting of 16-8, which naturally reduces appetite and meal frequency.

  2. The amount of dietary fat in Diet Plan is too high to allow your body to tap into body fat and thus make you lose fat mass. Try decreasing the amount of fat per day, limiting it to cuts of meat and fish that are naturally fat and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. You do not have to go hungry anyway, so adjust yourself based on what your body tells you.

  3. Losing less weight than what you expected does not mean that you are not losing weight, or necessarily that the ketogenic is not working or that you are doing something wrong. Everybody is different and follows their own pace, so don't compare yourself with other people or your initial expectations. The important thing is to take small steps, but always forward. Concentrate on the overall vision of the benefits that the ketogenic diet is bringing to your body and your health, on reducing inflammation and hunger attacks.

  4. Make sure you sleep well and reduce psycho-physical stress. Unfortunately, these aspects are way undervalued, but they are of fundamental importance to achieve the weight loss you desire. Put in place, a healthy routine or small daily habits that immediately relax body and mind. In these moments, cultivate a love for yourself because this is where the real motivation is born to achieve lasting results. If you don't work on this aspect, the ketogenic will be a diet like many others, and weight loss will never be definitive.

  5. You are eating too many dairy products and/or too many nuts: although they are permitted foods, their consumption can hinder those who have to lose weight. As for dairy products, these cause inflammation, cause intolerance, and are caloric. As for dried fruit, it contains many carbohydrates and calories, so if you are not careful, you risk weight gain.IndianDietPlanforWeightLoss | WeightLoss | WeightLossTips | WeightLossClinic | PerfectDietChart  | WeightManagement  | HighFiberFoods  | WeightLossDiet | QuickWeightLossDietPlan | FastWeightLossDietPlanLose  | WeighLoss  | DietPlanForMen | DietForweightLossForFemale | DietChartForWeightLoss | IndianDietForWeightLoss | FitnessTips | HealthyEatingTips | HealthyTipsofTheDay | HealthyEatingFacts | HealthyDietMenu | TipsForA | HealthyLifestyle |HealthyDietChart | HealthyTipsForKids | DietandExercisePlan | EasyNutritionTips