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Why am I stuck in my weight loss?
Why am I stuck in my weight loss

Why don't diets work? Why did I stop losing weight after the first initial results? Why don't I lose weight? These are common questions that Dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic hears daily.

Diet controls only some factors not all:

Our body composition is regulated by over 200 factors but diets are usually concentrated on only a few - on glycemic load, on insulin, on energy density, on animal proteins, etc. But all these, as important as they are, are just co-factors say experts at Weight Loss Clinic.

Eat less sugar:

The vast amount of information that targets us every day often creates a lot of confusion about what is right to do and not to do. A basic biochemical principle to keep in mind when talking about fats and carbohydrates that is often overlooked is that the body needs both, but to lose weight the fats (good ones of course) do not hurt, but instead, they are essential.

Carbohydrates, if added continuously to the diet, being the first source of energy, are immediately burned by our metabolism which therefore does not burn fats, but deposits them by putting them in reserve. Moreover, those sugars in excess that are not exploited immediately are, in turn, transformed into fats and then accumulated.

At this point, it makes sense to end the vicious cycle, limit the carbohydrates (for example, starchy foods and sweets) and start burning fat.

Eat more protein:

It makes sense to nourish and support the body with proteins, therefore eating a lot of meat, fish, and eggs, along with vegetables as part of a good Diet Plan. This choice is motivated by the fact that the body needs many substances to repair the damage, rebuild tissue, and activate itself, including amino acids, which are the fundamental unit of proteins.

Hence at the base of weight loss, there must be a reasonable program, which takes into account the health of our body in the first place, which makes use of both an excellent personalized diet and an integration to fill those gaps that cannot be eliminated only through the food.

Moreover, it is fundamental to learn to listen to one's body. This means refrain for example from doing physical activity when you feel exhausted and debilitated, and give our body the chance to recover or on the contrary to exercise when you are full of energy because even physical activity has a crucial role in our well-being. It is a must to drink a lot of water to hydrate the body and allow it to perform all its functions to the fullest.

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