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Why have I stopped losing weight on my diet?
Why have I stopped losing weight on my diet

"I am following the same diet as last year, but this year it does not work," this is what dietitians commonly hear at Diet Clinic.

Weight loss plateaus can happen if carbohydrate intake is too low:

By eliminating carbohydrates, you achieve Fast Weight Loss, partly because of the glycogen and the water that goes away, and also because of stable insulin (determined by the absence of carbohydrates in the diet) that helps burn fat. The more the hepatocyte (the liver cell) is rich in glycogen and the more it tells the brain to keep the metabolism high, on the contrary, if it is without it, it communicates to increase the beta-oxidation that is the consumption of fat.

Low calories diet may cause storing of fat:

It is essential to start a diet after rebuilding the metabolism. If we come from a period of substantial caloric restriction, insisting on the same food strategy or often enhancing its effect is a mistake, as the body will perceive the diet as a stressful event, putting in place defense mechanisms that totally block the loss weight (adrenal stress, for example). The advice, which may seem paradoxical to inexperienced eyes, is to alternate a low-calorie regime with a normal caloric regime, in order to prevent the excessive lowering of metabolism and the blocking of weight loss.

Other stressful elements, in addition to nutrition, mentioned earlier, are the poor quality of sleep, workload, emotional stress; elements that if perpetuated over time are not disposed of by our body.

In the presence of stress conditions the body reacts by continually producing a hormone called cortisol, excessively elevating its concentration in the circulation; this affects the decrease in metabolism, responsible for weight loss block.

Suggestions for getting out of weight loss plateau:

Increase the protein content: Take proteins (from eggs, soy, meat, fish, dairy products, lean sausages, legumes, dried fruit), specifically, increase the energy expenditure of the muscle due to the greater retention of organic proteins.

When things don't seem to work, it's a good idea to start "cycling" your diet: create cycles in which you alternately take more or fewer calories and carbohydrates.

Another technique that is recommended is the "full diet break" The complete stop from the diet is a strategy to put in place to restore weight loss and give the body a bit of relaxation. Therefore the diet is interrupted for a precise period.

The complete break from the diet, advice for 6-8 weeks can reset the metabolism and allows us to be able to restart a new slimming phase.

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