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World Tuberculosis Day
World Tuberculosis Day

Despite many efforts been made against tuberculosis, it still remains an epidemic and especially in the third world. It is a fact that one-third of the human race on earth is suffering from tuberculosis.

The cause of tuberculosis (TB) is the bacteria - Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria can affect any part of the body but mainly the lungs. The reason why it is so dangerous because it can spread even with airborne droplets from an infected person, when he or she coughs, sneezes or even talks. 

Sheela Seharawat, an expert dietician and the mentor of Diet Clinic show her concerns that improved public health programs around the world have created a steady decline in cases of TB, yet it is far from being solved. Out of the many factors that contribute to its prevalence, some of the common reasons are foreign-born individuals, crowded living conditions, increasing evidence of drug resistance, lack of availability of proper medical care facilities, poverty, inadequate education and non-compliance of treatments procedures. 

Some of the major symptoms of TB are the pain in the chest, coughing up blood and a prolonged lingering of cough conditions for more than three weeks. Some of the systematic symptoms are chills, continuous fever, night sweats, immediate loss of appetite, weight loss and feeling of weakness at all time. 

World TB Day is observed each year on the 24th of March, to educate the public on the impact of TB and measures that could be taken jointly in prevention and control and raise awareness on the issues that come on the way to eliminate it. 

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