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Detox tips after Holi

Detox tips after Holi

Though celebrating holi could be all colours, fun, frolic and lots and lots of gujjiyas, thandai and other delicacies, the aftermath could be very unpleasant at times. The actual truth is the annoying colours of holi and all the overindulgence in sweets and other delicacies that can create havoc not only on your stomach but also on your skin and hairs.

Now that you have had all the fun splashing colours and gorging on sweets and savou

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American Diabetes Alert Day
Diabetes Alert Day

One in three Americans is at risk for developing diabetes, a serious disease that can lead to complications such as kidney disease, blindness, and amputations. But diabetes doesn’t have to be permanent–it can be prevented or delayed with healthy lifestyle modifications.

Diabetes is a disease where you have higher blood sugar levels. It is a result of the inability of the glucose to enter the cells and as a result, the cells starve for their food – glucose.

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